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Vocal Classes

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About Rhythm And Melody Music Academy

To become a good quality vocalist you need time, practice and patience. Whatever comes with patience, practice and constant efforts is always great and also everlasting. This course module will aim at making you achieve great heights in music. You will be taught music in detail with the theory (reading music using staff notations). Now if you ask the question How much time will I take to play like Professionalsb? then it is a wrong question. That is why there is no fixed duration in this module so its depend on student capability and practice.

Benefits & Advantages to join us

  • Student Music Concert once in a year where students perform in between 200-400 Audience .Parents get the first hand experience of seeing their star son or daughter play on stage also its shows how’s your fees is worth and its remove students stage fear and motivate them also its help to build self confidence etc.
  • Special attention and care of each students at the time of teaching .
  • We provide Study materials at free of cost.
  • Quarterly and monthly fees are optional ,not bound for quarterly fees.
  • Faster results & output which you can see after few classes only.
  • Developing interest in students for there selected course.
  • We do extra efforts on weak students and give extra time at the cost of Academy.
  • Give chance to students to perform in schools, colleges and many other platforms.
  • We give opportunity to students to become teacher and teach with us ( T&C applicable)
  • Refer your friends/relatives and Earn money or Free of cost classes without any fees .
  • Students can come at academy Once or Twice in a week and do there practice at Free of Cost.

Fees Details

Course Inclusions

01. Admission Fee

Rs. 1000 (One Time)

02. Monthly Fees

Rs. 2500 ( 8 class per month , 1 hr duration of each session)

03. Quarterly Fees

(after 10 % Off) – Rs.6750

04. No. of Classes

24 classes in 3 months ,1 hr. duration of each session

Note: No fixed duration. Whenever you are able to complete one grade you can clear the exam and move on to the next. Certification Conduct Examination from Prayag Sangit Samiti