Lakshay Kukreja

Faculty of Drums & Cajon

Lakshay is a really energetic drummer . His passion for music and counselling psychology has made a blend for his students in the learning environment. He has a great interest in modern percussion instruments of Drums & Cajon. He joined Rhythm & Melody Academy as a student and under the guidance of Manish Kumar went on to top Grade with good scoring in the Trinity Rock & Pop exam, a record that will take extraordinary effort to be broken with his self interest with motivation and have helped his students reach the same goals. Inspired from drummers like Carter Beauford, Gavin Harrison, Eric Moore, he played with many Bands in Delhi/ NCR .He have been playing for more than three years now and experiments with different genres , sounds and techniques for his musical vocabulary. His friendly, humble and down to earth behavior approach with technical knowledge bring more closure to students .