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Start your musical journey with our Registered Home Tutors . 

  Why Home Tuition From us !

Use our services to get best music teachers to help you learn your first instrument, develop your interest and prepare you beginning to advance level ,Grade exam or just play for the joy of music itself. We have music teachers for practically Drums , Guitar and Keyboard.

Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination..." as Plato said. To learn music is to access something greater than oneself, to experience one of the most profound aspects of the human experience. For children, music lessons with skilled music teachers can increase their confidence and furnish them with a life interest, as well as giving them an appreciation of one of education's most rich and rewarding disciplines.

Alternatively, if you are an adult seeking music lessons, it may be that you've always wanted to pick up a guitar/Drums/keyboard, have a passion or want to stretch yourself and learn something new. Our music teachers can help you develop a new talent as well as continuing to help those musicians looking to polish and prepare for music exams, concerts and recitals.

Getting Started Home Tuition from Rhythm and Melody

Every child/person is different and they differ in their learning and grasping ability. Some students learn and understand the concept very quickly, while some may require additional support and attention to help them study effectively and perform well . But in today's competitive world, the need to be on the top of the ladder is forever growing.

Here are the 5 various benefits of home tuition from Rhythm and Melody Faculties :

  • Our Home Tutor Provides Personalized Attention
Our One-to-One private home tutoring, students will get more personalized attention from the tutors and he/she will be able to understand the concept more clearly and focus more on there favorite musical instruments.
  • Tutoring at your convenience:
The main benefit of our home tutoring is the convenience for students to learn at the comfort of students own home or any other preferable location. It also gives the flexibility to students to choose own preferred days and time of tutoring based as per availability. Learning at the own place leads to better use of study time and help in effective learning,
Its save conveyance amount and timing of travels .

  •  Students performance improvement:
If any student is weak in any particular subject or topic, with home tuition, they can give additional time and concentrate more on that subject or topic. Our home tutor will help improve student concentration and improve the overall music performance. One-to-one home teaching with our qualified home tutor will also help analyze week areas that need extra efforts and bring students up to speed.

  •  Better Assessment:
With one-to-one attention and home tutoring, Parents/ Student and home tutor are better able to assess a student's growth, performance, and area where he/she lags behind. Our Home tutor better understand a child’s learning ability so they can easily examine and provide regular feedback on the student’s responses as they work. This assessment will encourage and support student in developing self learning skills, thus helping them to complete in the pre-defined time.

  •  Improved Music skill and knowledge :
Our private home tutor can provide a student with required support and attention when preparing for any performances. Private tuition at home enables students to perform and learn smarter and achieve more in their music performance/exams. With our private home tutor, students are able to focus more on a specific problem areas and work hard to improve them by asking questions, either big or small without feeling embarrassed.
Our private home tutor work with students and provide useful tips to achieve the desired goals and objectives.

 If you are a student or parent, looking for a private home tutor for Drums , Guitar or Keyboard , you can send us your query .

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